Retail Mini ERP

Minimizes manual data entry
Order management, procurement management and inventory management . Integrations with point of sale, accounting and shipping solutions can reduce duplication work even more. Almost every data movement can be automated using our API.

Keeps your stock levels accurate
Use barcode scanners and label printing features to track incoming and outgoing goods. Never lose a product by organizing them into labeled stock locations. Physical stocktaking acts and inventory transfers are also a breeze.

Fits with your inventory processes
Use inventory valuation based on perpetual or periodic inventory system. Set up vendor-managed inventory and central purchasing with ease. Take advantage of our just-in-time purchasing, drop shipping and automated stock replenishment features.

Makes communicating with customers easy
Respond quickly to quotes. Keep your customers up to date using frequent order status reports. Design beautiful and informative invoices, emails, labels and printouts using our label designer.


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